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  1. GnarlyDrone

    The Season of Fire & Ice

    UnleashedMC Season 2 // Launching 16th of August 20:00 BST / 15:00 EST / 14:00 CST / 13:00 MT / 12:00 PST UnleashedMC is proud to present its second season of factions. The Season of Fire & Ice. We are returning with an experience better and more enjoyable than our previous season. We've made...
  2. GnarlyDrone

    Ban & Mute Evasion Policy

    ____________________________________________ BAN EVASION POLICY Definition: For a player to join our network, at the same time when one or more accounts under their ownership are restricted for any reason. Ownership is determined by a shared IP-Address. Punishment: Any accounts found online...
  3. GnarlyDrone

    Screen Sharing Policy

    What is Screensharing? If a Moderator or higher suspects that you might be using a hacked client or an illegal modification they will freeze your Minecraft character forcing you to remain still. A gui will pop up saying the following: Don't panic. You'll be instructed to join the Discord. If...
  4. GnarlyDrone

    FTOP & Top Voter Winners

    UnleashedMC Season 1 FTOP & Top Voter Winners UnleashedMC has officially ended it's the first season of factions, we thank everyone who has participated in this map and supported us while we worked to perfect and fix issues so we could assure a far better and more enjoyable experience for our...
  5. GnarlyDrone

    Fotified Walls/Cannon Delay

    Fortified Walls What are they? In short, a wall in a base's protection buffer becomes fortified for the cannoning speed limit duration. This means the wall is effectively given infinite TNT durability until the cooldown is over. Blue shows the water between the walls. The attacking faction...
  6. GnarlyDrone

    UnleashedMC Release

    UnleashedMC Season 1 // Launching 28th of June 20:00 BST / 15:00 EST / 14:00 CST / 13:00 MT / 12:00 PST UnleashedMC is proud to present its first ever season of factions & in which we look forward to providing not only a competitive but a community-driven experience to invigorate and make a...
  7. GnarlyDrone

    In-Game Rules & Regulations

    Gameplay Rules and Regulations | Faction Strike & Warning System Faction warnings & strikes are permanent point reductions which are applied to a faction and last throughout the current season. Warnings result in a 10% reduction and strike result in a 20% reduction. The way these reductions...
  8. GnarlyDrone

    In-Game Rules & Regulations

    Tier Three Offences #1 Malicious Links (Permanent Ban) Any link that redirects to a malicious site designed to grab your personal information or install malware onto your machine. Examples include but are not limited to: Phishing links IP Grabbers - Here are some...
  9. GnarlyDrone

    In-Game Rules & Regulations

    Tier Two Offences #1 No Advertisements (30 Day Tempban) Advertising other servers (through either direct IP addresses, Discord Invites, etc.) in public chat. Whether or not the IP is an actual IP, if it is structured as an IP address, or if it is a Discord link that goes to another server's...
  10. GnarlyDrone

    In-Game Rules & Regulations

    Tier One Offences #1 No Harassment or Pessimism (4 Hour Mute) The act of continued badgering or pestering of another player or Staff Member. You’re expected to behave respectfully towards your peers. Furthermore, constructive criticism has its place, but overtly negative or pessimistic...
  11. GnarlyDrone

    In-Game Rules & Regulations

    Preface Welcome to the official UnleashedMC Rules & Regulations thread! When accessing any of our services, you are expected to abide by the following rules and conditions. Failure to comply may lead to a partial or complete restriction to the aforementioned services. With your cooperation, we...

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