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Ban & Mute Evasion Policy | UnleashedMC

Ban & Mute Evasion Policy


Apr 20, 2019
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For a player to join our network, at the same time when one or more accounts under their ownership are restricted for any reason. Ownership is determined by a shared IP-Address.
Any accounts found online while sharing an IP with a banned account will be forcibly removed and restricted from the server. Staff members are able to detect linked accounts and will take action without warning to the offending player.

NOTE: Ban evasion will result in an extension of the current punishment by effectively doubling it

What if I use a publicly available alt?

Public alts will be treated no differently than a normal alt. If you use a public alt and get it banned, even if you did not purchase the account originally, we will be looking at the last-in-use IP (yours) when searching for other accounts that might potentially be evading the alt's ban. If you get yourself banned with an alt, you're putting your main at risk for ban evasion. Don't do it.
What if it was my brother / grandmother / dog (etc) who got their account banned?
If you are banned for evasion, but the original offender was a family member or friend using the same IP as you, you may appeal ONCE. The next time someone sharing your IP is caught, the ban will be permanent and un-appealable.

In order for your appeal to be accepted, you MUST organize a time with a Moderator+ in which ALL you, your relative that was originally banned, and the Moderator+ could join a discord voice channel. You and your relative both need to talk from the same microphone under the same discord account. You and your relative MAY be asked several questions to prove that there was indeed a second party involved rather than a ban evasion case.
What if I used a public shared IP (i.e. school or library)?
It is easy to find if your IP truly links to a public network. Make an appeal and an Administrator or higher will look into it.



Logging into alternate accounts to be able to talk as normal in chat while muted on your main is considered mute evasion. Ownership can be determined by a shared IP address. Punishment will be delivered based on the circumstance and at the discretion of the involved Staff Member.
If you are discovered to be mute evading, your punishment on the originally punished account AND the alternate account(s) will be the next punishment scaling upwards of what your main originally received. For example, if the account IMuteEvade was muted for 24h, and the individual got on the account IMuteEvadeToo and was found guilty of mute evading, now both IMuteEvade and IMuteEvadeToo will be muted for 48h. This stacking continues for every account thus found guilty.

What if I get on an alt but I don't talk?

If you have only been found guilty of a mute you are free to log on as long as you do not talk in public chat.
Can I message a staff member to discuss a mute?
Of course, you are allowed to message a staff member to discuss your mute but as stated above, if you are found evading your mute by talking in public chat you will be punished as described above.

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