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Screen Sharing Policy | UnleashedMC

Screen Sharing Policy


Apr 20, 2019
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What is Screensharing?
If a Moderator or higher suspects that you might be using a hacked client or an illegal modification they will freeze your Minecraft character forcing you to remain still. A gui will pop up saying the following:


Don't panic. You'll be instructed to join the Discord. If you're wondering "Well how can I join the discord if I don't know it?" Don't worry, we'll give you an invitation link and instructions.

NOTE: We search for Auto Clickers, Clients, Booters, IP Stressors, Raid Alerts tech, and anything else listed as illegal under the rules.

Rules and Process (The Following Will Result In 60 Day Bans)

Disconnecting while frozen
- This means logging out of UnleashedMC while you were frozen.
Stalling - That involves joking around constantly, ignoring instructions, or anything to prevent the screenshare from progressing. You'll be warned once only.
Refusing to Screenshare - Not downloading the given links that the Moderator provides or not joining the Discord within 5 minutes.
Recording - Recording screen shares or refusing to stop recording.
VPNs - Use of a VPN is not permitted under any circumstance.
Usage of illegal modifications - Any illegal or suspicious modifications found being used at the time of the screen share or evidence that the above have been used.
Illegal Programs - If software of this sort is found on the user's computer regardless of whether it is used or not will result in a permanent ban from the server. This includes, but is not limited to the following: Booters, IP Stressers, programs that make screen-sharing tools ineffective, Minecraft string cleaners, and CCleaner (or similar programs) used after MC starts.
Editing your recycling bin directly before a screen share
Auto clickers
- if used in the last 10 days of when the screen share takes place.
Macros - Any auto click, double click, or other similar macros will be banned for immediately.
Failure to follow ANY instructions given by the Staff Member - This involves refusing to give mouse control or access.
The usage of ANY Ghost / Injectable Client - This will result in removal from our network no matter the date of usage.

The following will result in a ban (appealable in 30 days):

Admitting to using illegal or suspicious modifications BEFORE the screensharing process starts.
CIA - CIA stands for caught in action. We use this for players that are not needed for screen-sharing and that are obviously hacking in game

Other Notes
When you get into the Discord, you'll be asked to download a screen-sharing software called AnyDesk.

When being screen shared, Staff Members may go through your files, web browser history, recycling bin, etc.

When being screen shared you must NOT record any part of the screen share. We will look to see if you're recording and if we do find out that you're running a recording of us, we'll ask you to stop recording and to delete the footage. If you refuse, a punishment will be issued.

Do not worry about getting any viruses from any of our screen share tools, they are safe and will cause no harm to your computer.

If we end up finding ANY illegal modification, Hacked Clients, illegal macros, ghost clients, etc being used on UnleashedMC, you will be banned and will be given a chance to appeal 60 days after your ban. You MUST NOT appeal right when you get banned.

It's likely most of you are not familiar with the program we use for screen sharing. Hopefully, this gives you a better understanding of how it functions.

Click here for the link to the AnyDesk download page.

When you're finishing downloading and running AnyDesk the Staff Member will go ahead and ask you for your AnyDesk ID. Most players get confused and panic but it's not hard to find. Here's a picture of where it's located:


Now, this ID is going to look different from yours but this is the general location for your ID. You'll be able to right-click the numbers and click "Copy Invitation" or just click the "Send Invitation" button right under the numbers and from there you can paste it in the chat to the Staff Member. When the Staff Member joins through the link you'll see another AnyDesk notification pop up in your taskbar and that's them accepting to view your screen. Here's a picture of what it looks like:


Be sure to uncheck the allow to hear sounds box and then hit accept. Then your screen will be live to the Staff Member.
When the Screenshare is finished, simply hit "Dismiss" and that will make whoever is watching disconnect and not be allowed to reconnect without your permission to accept

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